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Middle East Intercultural Coaching

for diplomats, expats, fellow travelers

for political leaders, individuals

When you are new to the Middle East, or when you are in your first leadership position in a foreign country, or when you are looking for professional guidance to help you find your way in your new environment, then I would be happy to offer you my expertise as a coach and Middle East expert.


I professionally advise you on how to develop intercultural skills, to lead an intercultural team and to manage intercultural conflicts in a positive way. I also provide guidance when you would like to learn more about the culture of the host country.  

Middle East Intercultural Coaching

I offer individual or team coaching based on these living and working conditions to people who are sent to countries in the Middle East , where they work with an intercultural team , who have to deal with conflicts or face cultural challenges .  

As a connoisseur of the Middle East, my professional expertise as well as my personal experience flow into our joint work. So that you remain emotionally, mentally and physically healthy in a foreign country, I support you in mastering the individual challenges of a foreign culture and in developing perspectives for your time there .

To do this, we clarify your needs in the first meeting , set goals and underpin them with measurable, timed and achievable sub-steps. 




Edit, Tel Aviv

With her great empathy, Heike taught me to recognise, analyze and change my behavioral patterns. With their help I have learned to deal with tension and conflict and to "stay with me". Heike has a special energy that made me feel more peaceful, relaxed and forgiving after every session - no matter how emotionally charged I was before the conversation. Thank you for your support and your work! 

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