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for diplomats, expats, fellow travelers

for political leaders, individuals

Are you working in the diplomatic service or new to Berlin as an expat? You are preparing for a foreign assignment as a co-expatriating partner? You would like to change professionally or have your first management position? You would like to reflect more on current professional topics?


Then you have come to the right place!


I would be happy to provide you with my expertise as a nationally and internationally active coach at your new place of employment or work, be it in Berlin, the Middle East or any other location. I offer you a process-oriented coaching tailored to your individual needs. Learn more in the initial meeting.


I offer coaching tailored to the needs of people who want to reorient themselves professionally or who want support in reflecting on current professional issues, who are in their first leadership position or who want to expand their competencies as a leader.


In this process I am an attentive listener, observer and impulse generator for change. Always benevolent and appreciative in my language as well as impartial in my attitude, together we create clarity about needs and desires so that you can achieve your goals.


As an internationally active coach, long-time executive, former diplomat, benefit from my management experience in various political organizations, I know what is important when you have to find your way in a foreign country.



Stephan, Frankfurt

In the coaching with Heike, I am confronted with my personal involvement in events and situations. To recognize my own involvement in this and to understand how I can bring about changes in unpleasant situations through behavioral changes is very helpful and challenging at the same time. Through work geared towards this, I have already been able to achieve very good results in moving out of dead ends. 

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