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Solve the seemingly unsolvable. 


Tel Aviv

With her great empathy, Heike taught me to recognise, analyze and change my behavioral patterns. With their help I have learned to deal with tension and conflict and to "stay with me". Heike has a special energy that made me feel more peaceful, relaxed and forgiving after every session - no matter how emotionally charged I was before the conversation. Thank you for your support and your work!

Coaching offer 

for diplomats, expats, fellow travelers

for political leaders and their teams

for individuals 


individuals and groups



for diplomats, expats

for political leaders and their teams

for individuals and groups of 2 or more people


My name is Heike Kauls . I am a traveler and have lived and worked abroad on and off since my student days. I am interested in people and their cultural diversity.

I am open-hearted, curious, courageous and no less optimistic, confident, powerful. My personal experience of war during my diplomatic posting to Israel has had a significant impact on me, my self-image as a coach and my all-partisan and value-free attitude.

As a coach, you will find in me an approachable and interested discussion partner who will accompany you safely and reliably. I support you in expanding your ability to deal with conflict, finding solutions to your issues and, last but not least, increasing your self-efficacy. For this I work among other things with systemic questions and constellations, elements from the transactional analysis.


Heike Kauls 
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